Tallinn Shopping A - Z

This is a full, alphabetical directory of all the shopping in Tallinn, listed on Local Life.

Antiik    Antiques

Holy relics 

1 review

Antique Shop    Antiques

Buy a bit of history 

0 reviews

Apollo Raamatumaja    Books

Need a novel for the beach? 

2 reviews

Baltic Antiques    Antiques

Militaria from the Baltics 

0 reviews

Balticlassic Cars [closed]    Classic Cars

Classic automobiles 

0 reviews

Hula    Fashion

Indy fashion brand births cool 

2 reviews

Intimo    Lingerie

Something for the missus 

4 reviews

Ivo Nikkolo    Fashion

Freedom of expression 

0 reviews

Kaubamaja    Department

A national treasure 

2 reviews

Kauplus Kroonu Ait    Military/Hiking

Soldier on... 

0 reviews

Lai 10 Secondhand [closed]    Secondhand

Secondhand store with first class character 

0 reviews

Liviko Store    Alcohol

Liquid souvenir 

3 reviews

Lühikese Jalg    Art

Art from the heart 

0 reviews

Sangla    Jewellery

Purchase a symbol of your devotion 

1 review

Ülemiste keskus    Mall

Smart shopping mall, food and grocery 

0 reviews

Vivian Vau    Shoes

A strange love affair 

2 reviews

Xenia Joost    Fashion

Scandinavian simple tranquility and Slavic fashion 

0 reviews
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