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Expect serious shopaholics to start hyperventilating once they enter the extraordinary malls and upmarket boutiques in the city centre. All the big name brands are here, plus some seriously pricey local producers too. Russians like to look good and are prepared to spend top rouble for the right trinkets, so join the big spenders in the exclusive malls or head down to the vast warehouses in the suburbs to dig out some cheap electronic goods, bargain-basement DVDs and software from some less-than-reliable sources. All good fun!

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Top rated shopping in Moscow


Designer shopping in century-old mall

Shopping Centre     Kremlin


Replay it again, Sam

Fashion     Central


Power dressing

Fashion     Central West


Top supplier

Food & Drink     Central East


German efficiency

Footwear     Outer South

Novikh Russkikh Mir

Taking the proverbial piss

Souvenir     Central West



Fashion     Central
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