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With the average income in Belarus significantly lower than countries in Western Europe, luxury shops and stylish boutiques are few and far between in Minsk. But that doesn't mean there's nowhere interesting to leave your rubles - unique handmade crafts can be found in markets and shops across the city, and there are several fashionable stores here that you wouldn't find in western cities. In general, expensive items are priced quite a bit higher here, however, the opposite is also true - simple items from practical clothes to simple accessories are incredibly cheap. And if you're truly on a tight budget, don't forget - window shopping is always free!

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MInsk's largest department store

Department store     City Centre

Gurman's Coffee & Tea

Coffee and tea by the experts

Coffee/Tea     City Centre


Shop 'til you drop

Shopping Centre     City Centre

Minsky Vernisazh

Tourist trinkets and handmade crafts

Market     City Centre
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