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There is no shortage of pubs or clubs in Miami, a city that never sleeps. Many establishments are open as late as 5 or 6am and due to a recent ban, many establishments are smoke-free indoors. Those who are looking for low-key evenings can enjoy drinking at local pubs any given night of the week. The club scene is typically reserved for Thursday through Saturday nights, and many of these establishments are go-to spots for heavy dancing and drinking. Other more casual spots attract live-music lovers, or those who want to enjoy music but still chat with their friends without yelling. Here's a start of our favorite places, but consider that many more are popping up daily.

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729 SW 1st Avenue

Blackbird Ordinary

0 reviews
565 NW 24 Street
3425 NE 2nd Avenue


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1690 Collins Avenue

Rec Room

0 reviews
709 E 79 St

Magnum Lounge

0 reviews
2727 Indian Creek

The Broken Shaker

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1811 Purdy Avenue

Purdy Lounge

0 reviews

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One of the best places to get a really good pint!

United Kingdom,
Wynwood Brewing Company
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