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As busy as London can be, getting to grips with some of the city’s essential services can take your trip from chaos to a relaxing breeze. You’ll never get lost with our handy guide to some of London’s most important transportation options, such as airports, underground, taxi, train, and bike rental services. Other essential traveller services, including lawyers, doctors, and post offices can also be found in our ever-growing services section. A little advanced planning never hurt, so take a look below and check the comments section to see which services our readers recommend!

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Top rated services in London

London Underground

Getting Londoners from A to B

Public Transportation

Stansted Airport

Busy airport in east London


Gatwick Airport

South London air hub

Airport     Further Out

Heathrow Airport

Well-connected west London airport

Airport     Further Out

Luton Airport

Quality flights on a budget

Airport     Further Out

Emirates Air Line

Lovely cable car over the Thames

Public Transportation     East London

British Library

British culture of the written word

Library     King's Cross / Angel

Barclays Cycle Hire

Grab a Boris bike

Bike Rental

Post Office

Central point for snail mail

Post Office


Zip to Paris in style

Trains     King's Cross / Angel
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