London Weather

What's the weather in London like?

Looking for details about London’s weather this week? Above you’ll find our prognosis for the upcoming days in Britain’s capital. Or plan your trip in advance by checking out our list of average temperature highs throughout the year, in this handy month-by-month chart:


January: 8.3 °C

February: 8.5 °C

March: 11.4 °C

April: 14.2 °C

May: 17.7 °C

June: 20.7 °C

July: 23.2 °C

August: 22.9 °C

September: 20.1 °C

October: 15.6 °C

November: 11.4 °C

December: 8.6 °C


Along with the rest of Southern Britain, London is in a temperate oceanic climate – similar to most of Western Europe and cities like Amsterdam and Dublin. If there’s one weather stereotype about London, it’s about the rain – and unfortunately this particular stereotype is not too far off the mark. It rains in London – a lot. But, there are plenty of dry and sunny days as well. In fact, objectively speaking, it actually rains more in Rome. So while you should remember your umbrella just in case, it’s possible to visit London without seeing a single drop of rain. Overall, the weather in London is rather mild. It’s not too hot in the summer, and not too cold in the winter – it only snows a few times per year, if you’re lucky. Whether you come prepared for the changeable weather is up to you – a rainy surprise is a fantastic excuse to pick up a classic London-style trench coat!


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Aug 15th, 2013