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Climatic Kolobrzeg

What happens if you combine the sunniest beach strip in Poland, the cleanest part of the Baltic Sea, throw in a pinch of troubled history, and spice up with plenty of salt? Well, most probably you will get something close to Kolobrzeg, a sunny spot of Poland, where days are full of leisure and entertainment both on and off the beach, and where nightlife boozes until dawn!

Though not the major metropolis, the city is a well known spot on Poland's map. Why? Well, firstly owing to its unique microclimate sought after by those of poor health, and secondly due to laid-back atmosphere, so much appreciated by vacation-hungry visitors.

Kolobrzeg prides itself in being the country's spa capital, with tens of hotels and pensions offering great pamper time and health resort facilities with a crew of top-class therapists specializing in respiratory tract and locomotor system conditions. 

If you are not much into sizzling on the beach, though, rest assured there is plenty to do in Kolobrzeg and the area. The city's thrilling past as a sea port and military fortress has provided ample historical sites to snoop around. The vibrant today, on the other hand, brings a variety of to-do's, both for kids and adults. Kolobrzeg never stops to amaze and amuse, even when the sun is down. And even then Kolobrzeg vibrant clubs and pubs will take over to give you the time of your life.

We have brought Local Life Kolobrzeg to life to help you navigate through the head-spinning amount of attractions, find just the right lodging, and a terrific place for a bite to eat. And rest assured, we know what we are doing, as Local Life websites have been unmatched assistance for travellers in cities and towns worldwide. And since you have landed in Kolobrzeg, why not popping to Gdansk or Berlin, where Local Lifers will ensure you have a trip of your lifetime.

Welcome to Kolobrzeg! 

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