Kolobrzeg for Kids

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While the number of old folk walking around the streets of Kołobrzeg might give the impression that it’s a city for elderly people, in reality it is a very kid-friendly place, with lots of businesses specially catering to children and regular special events just for the little ones. Below, we've tried to list some of the most kid-friendly places (that adults can enjoy as well) to keep your little ones happy while on holiday.


Mineral museum

ul. Morska 1 (Lighthouse)

Minerals and fossils from all over the world located in the nether regions of the lighthouse.


Open Air Maritime Museum

ul. Bałtycka 31

The gem of this open air exhibition is a pair of demobbed ships: a patrol boat ORP Fala and a missile boat ORP Władysławowo. Both boats are open for exploration from top to bottom, and are maintained in a fairly original condition.



Aleja I Armii Wojska Polskiego 6c

A real sea treat not only for the youngest. Collection of specimens from all continents, e.g. porcupine fish, moray eels, rays, piranhas, sharks and many more. This colourful underwater trip is a must for all visitors to Kołobrzeg.


Recreation Park

ul. Kasprowicza 13

The mini-golf course is the biggest attraction here. It is designed to introduce the youngest children to the game of golf- great fun which brings out the 5 year old in everyone. Other attractions available: Tennis, billiard, Ping-Pong, darts and many more.


Ropes course

Park Teatralny

The multi-level aerial obstacle course is a challenging and fun experience for the whole family. Park guests will be able to face many challenges including rickety bridges, suspended ropes and other balancing obstacles. Open from May to September.



ul. Morska

Kolobrzeg's lighthouse flashes have been a sign of safe haven for sailors since 1666. At first fire was kindled atop the tower of the port management building, and since 1866 the port got a proper lighthouse, shedding 5 sea mile-long white beams night after night under a watchful eye of a lamplighter.


Wild West City

Zieleniewo, ul. Wycieczkowa 9

One of the biggest western cities in Poland was born of passion for the Wild West. Apart from various attractions for kids the village offers horse riding, stunt shows, country dances and a most adorable mini-ZOO. The facility organises quad and horse cart rides for individual guests and groups.


Salt Redoubt

ul. Szyprów

Erected during the last retouching of Kolobrzeg fortress, the circular Salt Redoubt was yet another link in the majestic chain of fortifications around the town. Nowadays there are no cannons guarding it, however, you can meet some pirates hanging around.


Cruise ships


You can choose between four different vessels and enjoy the sunset at sea


Military Adventure Park

ul. Koszalińska

Looking for a great adventure on polish coast then you have found it soldier, fall in!

At “Bastion” there is fun for all the family. You can drive tanks around the specially designed off road track!



Łopuskiego 38

The biggest water park in Kołobrzeg. Discover: waterfalls, water jets, water mushroom, the Wild River, a geyser, hydro massage, whirl beds, counter-currents, steam sauna, children's pool (40 cm), 4 spa tubs, two water tube slides.


Go-carting track

ul. Żurawia (next to the fire department)

Kołobrzeg's only go-carting track will delight both kids and adults. But be careful, the carts are very fast.


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