Talking about 'paying services' in any other city would be fertile ground indeed for all kinds of smutty and not-really-very-funny innuendo. However in Berlin of course prostitution is a perfectly respectable commercial activity! Kind of spoils the fun... Anyhow be it for this or for any more salubrious business that you might like to solicit, we aim to provide Berliners and tourists alike with a comprehensive resource of services for you to tap into. From Art Historian to Zionist Preacher, find it here!

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Internet Cafe     Schoneberg

Funk Taxi

No etymologists please

Taxi     Tiergarten

Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Four billion Euros well spent

Train Station     Mitte

City Mitwohnzentrale

Home away from home

Real Estate     Mitte

Tegel Airport

Berlin's main international airport

Airport     Futher Out

Tempelhof Airport

Grand relic of the Third Reich

Airport     Further Out

Schoenefeld Airport

Berlin's equivalent of Stansted

Airport     Further Out


Freedom on wheels

Car&Transport     Airport

Fat Tire

See Berlin on two wheels

Bike Rental

Berlin Intim

Sex in the city

Adult Services     Old Town

Zahnarztpraxen am Checkpoint Charlie

Incisor information


Jiva Mukti

Centre yourself

Yoga     Kreuzberg

Mindspace Berlin-Mitte

Co-working heaven

Coworking     Mitte
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