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Enterprise Valley

1. Mwanga Lodge

4 reviews

3. Camp Amalinda

1 review
2 Mallett Drive, Victoria Falls

4. Victoria Falls Hotel

0 reviews
14 Jacana Road

5. Jacana Gardens

0 reviews
Fort Street / 8th Avenue

6. Bulawayo Club

0 reviews
Great Zimbabwe

7. Norma Jeane's

0 reviews
La Rochelle Penhalonga

Reviews about Zimbabwe Hotels & Accommodation

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Mwanga Lodge

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Mwanga Lodge

One of the most amazing places to stay! Wonderful staff too, and views to die for.

Camp Amalinda

A marvellous place run by wonderful people. I can think of no better place to start or end a holiday to Zimbabwe. Far better than staying in a Harare hotel - this truly is a home from home.

Mwanga Lodge

For my money - the most beautiful golf course in the world.

United Kingdom,
Leopard Rock

I have been lucky enough to have stayed here more than once, and always recommend it to anyone visiting Zimbabwe. There's something about the beautiful drive up through the mountains and the arrival here which is always special. As if Leopard Rock itself is cut off in time (as well as space) from the rest of the world. Be prepared to be charmed.

Leopard Rock