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Editor's review

This is the place for middle of the night needs. Maxima is Lithuania's own supermarket chain and though this is one of their smaller stores (compared to the HyperMaxima at Akropolis [shudder]), it's still probably the best supermarket within walking distance of the Old Town. They sell everything you could possibly need and a lot that you would never. We recommend buying the 8lt snow disc in winter - Vilnius has some killer hills. To ensure your kids (should you have them) don't nag you to buy them everything in the store, we recommend depositing them in the 'bouncy room'; at 1 lita an hour, it's a bargain. Open 24 hours, you'll find Maxima near the train station.

Editor & Vilnius Local


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I was shocked how rude and xenophobic the staff in this place is.

I know that many of the Eastern European ex-communistic countries are very racist, especially the people over 40 something are like this.

But it is always shocking to be confronted with uneducated staff like that.

In Western countries people which treat customers like that, would never get jobs.

But in Lithuania, Bulgaria, Hungary and also Poland you can act like this. Very sad, and very embarrassing for the countries.

They should leave European Union if they prefer to be xenophobic, antisemitic and homophobic.

And Maxima should stop telling lies ont heir website, that customers are most important for them, and that they treat them with respect and friendliness. Big lie. If you like I can male videos how they teat people that don´t speak the local language, or are coloured.

It reminds me of the deepest communist times. Disgusting. These older ex-communist people are full of frustration and hate. Maybe therefore everybody looks so grey and unhappy in these countries.

When you know Skandinavian or Southern countries it is like a different planet.

In Bulgaria so many young people agreed with me about this rude unfriendly older citizens. And everybody told me they want to leave the country because of this.

I fully understand. I pray everyday that the borders will be open again, and I can go back to friendly, openminded, edcuated and cosmopolitan people.

Reply Apr 3rd, 2020

I was delighted when I saw what a wide range of fresh and not too expensive products MAXIMA offers!

Reply Oct 6th, 2019

If you find this products not expensive, you hae never been in German supermarkets. But I know Poland is very expensive, maybe therefore youa re used to this overprized products.

Reply Apr 3rd, 2020

Last time when in Vilnius a visit to Maxima was a delightful experience. We have lived totally over 60 years in US and close to Los Angeles the last 30 years. Here I have not seen such a store with great selection of good fresh food, smoked meats, fish and all types of bakery products.

Reply Dec 17th, 2017
United Kingdom

Aš esu Škotijos vaikinas su lietuviu žmona, gyvenančia Lietuvoje.

Mano ausys kraujuoja klausydamiesi jos skundžiasi apie baisią šalto produkteo kokybę, kurią ką tik turėjo pirmoji (ir paskutinė) "Judex" kompanija. Jis buvo įsigytas Elektrenu”Maxima” ir manote, kad tai turėtų būti "tiesiog kaip pas motina".

Tiesą sakant, jei tai būtų kaip mėsos gaminimas, būtų geriau pasiimti ją lauke ir šaudyti.

"Mamos Cepelinai" - aš rekomenduoju tik tuo atveju, jei bulvių sriubą norite supjaustyti su plūduriuojančiais mėsos gabalais arba jei per daug girtas per daug atsargiai.

I am a Scottish guy with a Lithuanian wife living in Lithuania.

My ears are bleeding from listening to her complaining about the terrible quality of the frozen product that we just had for the first (and last) time from a company called, “Judex”. It was bought in Elektrena Maxima, and from the packaging it implies it will be, "just like your mother made."

In fact, if it was industrially produced rubbish.

"Mother Cepelin" - I recommend it only if you want to eat potato soup with floating pieces of meat, or are too drunk too care.

Reply Jul 20th, 2017

Has almost everything you could need (except for electrical plugs - strange omission) and the opening hours can't be any friendlier. Highly recommended.

Reply Jun 10th, 2016

Maybe products in Vilnius are fresh as I can read on other reviews, but do not go to Maxima in Klaipeda - meat colored with kidney blood, terrible quality and the vegetables 2. or 3. class - what rest of Europe will not eat :/ Sorry about the bad review, but its unfortunately the truth!

Reply May 25th, 2016
petr wakelam
United Kingdom

fantastic and great value everything you need in one store just like tesco

Reply Feb 1st, 2012

Maxima ist klasse! Hat tolle Angebote und ist sehr preisgünstig. Wir kaufen gerne ein dort - man bekommt alles! Auch wenn man gerade Hunger hat und aus Klaipede kommt nach einer langen Tour mit dem Fahrrad oder Auto!!!

Ich war überrascht über das reichhaltige Angebot dort - wie in Deutschland.

Reply Apr 7th, 2011
United States

Maxima was a life safer in Vilnius! They had everything. Fresh produce, international brands and some good Lithuanian food. Whenever we didn't have money for eating out Maxima came to the rescue. Kinda even missing it now i'm gone!

Reply Mar 12th, 2008
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