Hobby Shops in Sofia

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171 Europe Boulevard

1. Mr. Bricolage

3 reviews

Reviews about Hobby Shops in Sofia

"For Bulgarian people it looks flash" is talking out of the back of his head! I have lived my entire life in 'the west' - Mr Bricolage is up there with the best of them - keep up the fantastic work and service! (but what are your working hours?)

Mr. Bricolage

For bulgarian people it looks flash, but when compared even to the cheapest Wicks is rubbish. If you want to buy something, the chances that the item is in stock are very slim. The customer service is not good, and most of the personell are incompetent.

United Kingdom,
Mr. Bricolage

The relentless march of capitalism! DIY makeover TV programmes! Don't you just love it!

United Kingdom,
Mr. Bricolage