Travel & Transport Services in Sofia

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Marie Louise Boulevard
1 Christophor Columbus blvd

2. Sofia Airport

1 review
Terminal 2, Sofia International Airport

3. Avis

1 review

Reviews about Travel & Transport Services in Sofia

Your proposal for the fastest train from Sofia to Bucharest, on June 21 after 8:00 am

Central Railway Station

Just watch your bag - lots of dodgy characters around. In fact there are lots of dodgy characters pretty much everywhere in the city. I am sure having all those casinos and slot machines around doesn't help

Central Railway Station

I use Avis often, everywhere I go.

United Kingdom,

A decent airport for its size. Grabbing a taxi to the town centre is fairly easy, just look for the signs.

United Kingdom,
Sofia Airport

Wow - that's a pretty cool pic. Looks almost indecent! Much more interesting than most train stations anyway. Attack of the blobs!

United States,
Central Railway Station