The Warta

More than just the name of an excellent Polish beer, the Warta is the main river that runs through Poznan. The river is actually a tributary of the larger Oder (Odra in Polish) river, and runs for approximately 808 kilometers, making it Poland's third longest river. The basin area of the river is a good 54,529 square kilometers. Starting in Upper Silesia near Zawiercie, the Warta flows through Lodz, Poznan, and Lubusz until it empties into the Oder near Kostrzyn nad Odra.

Above: A view of the Warta passing through Poznan under the St. Rocha Bridge.


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Warta doesn't flow through Lodz!!!

Reply Aug 23rd, 2009

i was in warta and its so beautiful i like poznan and all poland big kiss to poland peoples from maroka

Reply Nov 6th, 2008