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The property bubble in big cities like Krakow and Warsaw may be bursting, but that's just clearing the way for previously ignored cities like Wroclaw and Poznan to suddenly take the spotlight. The start of 2008 has seen many predictions from such top financial publications as the Warsaw Business Journal and the Warsaw Voice that Poznan will be the "next big thing" in Poland as far as property goes.

But, you ask, how does one take advantage of such a promising market? Well, we've compiled some Polish and foreign real estate companies below that provide services in English. They can even navigate the tricky Polish property laws, and get you that house or flat in the Old Town you've been dreaming of!

The Law on Purchasing a Property in Poland

Citizens of EU countries, as well as Icelanders, Norwegians and Liechtensteiners have the easiest time buying property in Poland, although if you're after farmland or forest, things are a little more complicated.

However, as far as urban property goes, applicants shouldn't encounter too many problems, whether you're a citizen of one the aforementioned countries or not. The latter groups have to apply for a special permit from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but this is generally forthcoming, provided you're not a notorious criminal.


Above: A prime piece of Poznan real estate

Real Estate Firms in Poznan

Ober Haus
Residential and commercial property services
Contact: ul. Sw. Marcin 2
+48 (61) 8519000

Nieruchomosci Blaszczyk
Specialize in residential property
Contact: ul. Mlynska 3
+48 (0) 500496285, 502752840

ANNA Real Estate Agency
Commercial and industrial properties
Contact: Os. Kosmonautow 13/34
+48 (61) 8411810

Forum Nieruchomosci
Residential properties, homes, flats
Contact: ul. Wroclawska 21/9
+48 (61) 8510502

Koliba Nieruchomosci
Flats, apartments, and houses
Contact: ul. Grunwaldzka 382
+48 (61) 6617035

Residential and commercial
Contact: ul. Zbaszynska 9a
+48 (61) 6625182

Commercial spaces, countryside property
Contact: ul. Grunwaldzka 19, 3p
+48 (61) 6673333


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Nati Gershon

What are the flats sqm prices in Poznań

Reply Oct 29th, 2019

I want to find apartment in poznan

Reply Aug 29th, 2019
nicholas pacoula

A warning ……. Carlos Fernandes of Buckingham Investments. This man is an out and out crook, he owes money to many investors keep clear of this crook.

Reply Mar 13th, 2019

Yup. You better watch out.

Reply Jun 29th, 2019

Hi Angus from Ireland did you find a good agent in Poznan from Natalia as I am looking for someone to do a similar thing for me

Reply Mar 18th, 2017

Please feel free to contact me if you would like help from an english speaking real estate agent. Cheers!

Reply Aug 9th, 2016
United States

Hi Natalia- I am looking for an english speaking real estate agent to help me find an apartment for September. How can I contact you?

Reply Aug 12th, 2016

Hi Natalia, I jointly own an apartment (no mortgage) in Poznan (Wilda) and am looking for an agent to assist with finding new tenants since it is now vacant. Is this something you can help me with? If so, how can I contact you to discuss further? Thanks

Reply Oct 5th, 2016
Jill Calvet

Hi Natalia, my family is looking to relocate to Poznan from Belgium, any help would be greatly apprecieated! Thanks, Jill

Reply Aug 2nd, 2018

Gentlemen, I am interested in residential investment real estate opportunities in Poznan, but cannot find any active English speaking brokers for this specific segment. Anyone with good experiences? John, could you inform me concerning your property?

Reply Dec 10th, 2014

Because of the quite sure escalation of the conflict in Ukraine I expect prices in all adjacent Countries fall during the next year, Poland ahead, so I'm rather careful...

Reply Nov 10th, 2014
John O Gorman

Hi All, I have been reading your comments and have been very interested in what Matt has had to say. I currently have a large 2400m2 house for sale in Poznan , it has been converted into a 9/10 bedroom bedsit for students. If any one is interested please drop me a line at

Reply May 13th, 2014
TAnusree Datta

Looking for a small shop/ showroom space where I want to put up a store for leather goods & brass handicrafts. I am alreday a leather goods exporter from India and selling it in Germany & USA

Reply Apr 1st, 2014
carlos fernandes

Hi everyone. If any investors are interested in investing in poznan then they should follow this link I concentrate on projects with 50%+ returns and yields above 15%. Im also a developer in Poznan called buckingham Investments which has completed several projects in Poznan . You can view current properties we have on the market at . My email address is incase you have any questions

Reply Feb 28th, 2013

As I said last year property prices continue to rise in Poznan . Maybe not as fast as one would expect but media pessimism keeping the small investors nervous . And since last year Poland has seen the introduction of the Escrow account requirement for developers so extra control and safety to the market . Old protected buildings still over priced so they will continue to sit there til sense prevails . Banks still very tightfisted and nervous from having learned had lessons in the past . But the city will continue to grow so demand for smaller unit still very strong . But polish people wish could be more posative . This is a beautiful city and getting better . Railway station , airport terminal , roads , parks , etc . Compare it to other cities around the world !! It's miles ahead of most cities it's size on any continent . So chin up and buck up and love your own city like I do and I'm a foreigner ( alien whatever) here .

Reply Feb 13th, 2013

Property prices in poznan will continue to rise as the city continues to grow . Like all developing countries there is a big shift from small towns dependent on agriculture . Polish negative thinking is the only obstacle keeping prices down . Look around poznan and see young people driving flash cars that have the same value as apartments . And rentals are yielding better than the most of Europe apart from London of course

Reply Mar 5th, 2012
United Kingdom

Property prices to go down a further 70% by the end of next year according to expert opinion.

Reply Jul 17th, 2010
Dudley Buck
United Kingdom

Im looking to rent a small food takeaway shop in and near the centre of Poznan could anyone help with this also could anyone help with prices?

Reply Apr 21st, 2010

I have just moved to Poznan and I am seeking employment.I have a TEFL certificate and I am a native English speaker.Unfortunatley I do not speak Polish.

Reply Dec 1st, 2008
Mr A duvenage
United Kingdom

i am looking for a very good job in poland so I can move with my wife? landscaping,management,supervising, driving,anything?can anyone help?

Reply Aug 31st, 2008