Cafes in Gdansk

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ul. Haffnera 3/1A

1. Cafe Zascianek

8 reviews
ul. Kościuszki 4, Sopot

2. Cafe Jozef K

15 reviews
ul. Piwna 5/6

3. Pi Kawa

16 reviews
Al. Grunwaldzka 82

4. Rosenthal Cafe

3 reviews
ul. Szeroka 119/120

5. Cup of Tea

4 reviews
ul. Świętojańska 83a

6. Caffe' Vergnano 1882

1 review
ul. Długa 59/61

7. Cocktail Bar Capri

2 reviews
ul. Świętojańska 72

8. Coffee Singidunum

0 reviews
ul. Boh. Monte Cassino 61, Sopot

9. Cafe Nescafe

0 reviews
ul. Świętojańska 76

10. Cafe Nescafe

0 reviews
ul. Długi Targ 1/7

11. Cafe Nescafe

0 reviews
ul. Mariacka 37/39

12. Cafe Kamienica

0 reviews

Reviews about Cafes in Gdansk

Finally I found my pub in Gdansk...!

Cafe Jozef K

great place

United Kingdom,
Cafe Jozef K

Loved it!!

Cafe Jozef K


Cafe Jozef K

Awesome cafe!! A friend took me there and I didn't want to leave...

United States,
Cafe Jozef K

A very cool place, fantastic atmosphere, perfect for burring oneself with a book for hours, sipping coffee and munching a delicious cake...loved it!

Cafe Jozef K

Excellent hot chocolate in a superb ambience

Cafe Zascianek

We tried pretty much all the cafes and liked this one the most.

United Kingdom,
Pi Kawa

Without any doubts ,best coffee in Gdansk - the atmosphere of the place is just simply amazing ! :D

Pi Kawa

Without a doubt, the best coffee shop in the Old Town. Warm, cozy and friendly. I live in Gdansk and go there at least once a week. When you visit, don't miss it. It's that good.

Pi Kawa