Budget Hotels in Gdansk

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ul. Drwecka 1

1. Villa Akme

5 reviews
ul. Beethovena 8

2. Abak Guest Room

1 review
ul. Rydygiera 10

3. Villa Anna Guest Room

0 reviews

Reviews about Budget Hotels in Gdansk

great place and any dogs!homely and friendly.comunication is not bad. you have to walk just 5min and you have 2 trams to center.i like this place more then ****stars hotels becouse is small and have good rooms

Villa Akme

ofcorse this sound can be a problem but i think this is very nice hotel. is cheap and comfortable. they will have very soon real good standard and real great bathrooms. i dont know what was happend when you been there but i think staff is realy good. they are nice and all the time try to make your time in this hotel more enjoyable. just look at pictures.

Villa Akme

Host of the hotel is very nice and friendly. But the hotel is situated close to the buisy street so you hear terrible noise all night long, even if your room window look into the backyard. we faced problems with Internet conections too. Breakfast was quiet good

Villa Akme

Poland's answer o Falty Towers. Unpleasant staff. The area is full of barking dogs, loudy trams, very simple breakfast. My advise is to choose another hotel.

Villa Akme

Hello, thank You for Your answer. Is it possible to have a big room for we all (2+2 children) and what is the price then?

Villa Akme

This is a wonderful place! Great breakfast! Will be staying there again this summer.

United States,
Abak Guest Room