Pick Up Music Club

Fri 13th
Pick Up Music Club

The Pick Up Music Club has been active in Muziekcafé Helmond for several years now. Started as a group of music lovers in an attic and grown into a recurring event, now also in POPEI!

Friday September 13th the third edition will take place. The PUMC offers DJs, collectors and music lovers the chance to share their favourite LPs with the pub visitors. Every DJ has an hour to play whatever he or she wants. Nice tunes for the ear? Sometimes, sometimes not. Danceable? Sometimes, sometimes not. Cozy and fun? Always! Previous editions have brought diverse genres like Punk and Rap on 1 night, 60’s Mod/garage and 80’s Wave. The evenings are unpredictable and offer the audience an unique insight into various types of music that they otherwise would never hear in a pub or catering establishment. Also interested to become a PUMC DJ? Send a mail to tegenland@hotmail.com with the header ‘DJ PUMC’ and who knows, you will soon be at the music cafe or POPEI behind the turntables!

This event happens in PopEI

Klokgebouw 300