Art of Meditation

Fri 11th
Art of Meditation

Art of Living offers a very beautiful, effortless meditation technique, called “Sahaj Samadhi” meditation, that has its roots thousands of years back in the Vedic tradition but is fully targeted to our present-day time and needs.

Sahaj means effortless in Sanskrit and Samadhi means the silent and at the same time lively state of consciousness that goes beyond sleeping, waking and dreaming.

Art of meditation is very subtle, yet pleasantly simple. With this technique you will learn to explore deeper layers and to tap into the deepest source of energy within yourself.

It enables you to experience real peace and happiness from within and to easily go back to this experience.

Course language will be English. Deze cursus wordt in het Engels gegeven.

Venue : Breitnerstraat 2F, Eindhoven

Course times (cursustijden):

Friday evening (vrijdagavond) 19:00-21:00,

Saturday evening (zaterdagavond) 19:00-21:30,

Sunday morning (zondagochtend) 10:00-12:30