Hostels in Bucharest

The appearance of hostels all over an Old Town like termites coming out of the woodwork (or consuming it) is something we've come to associate with the somewhat sacrilegious process of westernisation. Never mind the fact that Bucharest doesn't have an 'Old Town' (Lipscani district's application is still under review), hostels will inevitably pock the pock-marked city as Bucharest cleans up its act and establishes itself as a bonafide tourist destination. A few places are already getting ahead of the game - namely Villa Helga and the Funky Chicken - and it will be interesting to see how they contend once the modern franchise hostels begin rolling into town with their free alcohol and on-site bar parties.

Below is a breakdown of the Bucharest hostels currently on the scene. Click on the links to see photos and reviews of each, as well as their location on a map. Because of the dearth of truly budget Bucharest accommodation options, we recommend you book as early as possible to ensure yourself a bed. You can use the Hostelbookers link above to easily arrange accommodation in any Bucharest hostel. If hostels have rubbed you wrong too often in the past, explore our Bucharest accommodation section to find budget hotels and apartments in Romania's capital.