Zakopane Nightlife

On the one hand Zakopane is a relatively small provincial town, on the other it's Poland's premier mountain resort. As such you can find the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to exploring Zakopane's nightlife. Take a wrong turn and you could end up in a dive bar listening to commercial tracks blasting out of inadequate speakers - and studiously avoiding the gaze of heavies in tight tops; take a right turn and you could end up in one of Poland's best clubs listening to tunes mixed by an international giant of the decks and fighting off the attention of supermodels (hey, we're a pretty good-looking bunch at Zakopane Life!).

Krupowki street makes an obvious start to any night out in Zako. It is the heart of the town, full of vendors, hawkers, clothes shops, restaurants and yes, bars and clubs. Most of them fall into the irredeemably naff category, however the dimunitive Nietota is a good bet for beer, whilst Caf Piano is arguably the coolest watering hole in town and Jagoda spacious and well-designed. Very slightly off the beaten track, on Generala Galicy, the Zakopane branch of Paparazzi offers a more upbeat, party atmosphere, with DJs entering the fray at weekends.

When it comes to clubs, Zakopane can't claim to spoil you for choice - but it can claim to spoil you. Dworzec Tatrzanski is not only the best club in Zakopane but amongst the best in the whole of Poland. There's almost always something going on here, from the White Nights festival when they throw a party everyday in the time between Christmas and New Year's Eve, to nu-jazz extravaganzas, ragga concerts and the regular bookings of quality house, breaks and drum'n'bass DJs from around the world. This eclectic programme brings people from as far as way as Warsaw (really!) and nearby Krakow to mash it up on the dancefloor, or to take it easy in the Arabian nights themed backrooms, where cushions and shisha pipes are the order of the day. If you're in town just keep an eye out for posters with the famous fish logo to be sure of turning up to a quality night.

However good it might be, Ampstrong's status as Zakopane's only credible club was thankfully broken in late 2005 by the arrival of new player Va Va Voom. A smart looking venue on two floors the management have already managed to attract some big names to the decks, such as Aquasky, Slope and Glyn "Bigga" Bush. Definitely worth a gander if you're an alternative dance boffin, Va Va Voom is a very welcome threat to Ampstrong's hegemony of Zakopane's nightlife!

And the best of the rest? Well Rockus represents a surprisingly good night out for those who hate dance music, and organises occasional live concerts too; whilst meat markets Morskie Oko (on Krupowki street) and Genesis (Plac Niepodleglosci) have all the lasers and girls in short skirts a lagerboy could wish for...

One last thing to bear in mind about partying in Zako is the choice of venue isn't the only factor that will affect your night: Zakopane's nightlife is, like the life of the town in general, based on the seasons. Winter is peak tourist time as Poles and foreigners alike descend in their thousands for a spot of skiing and snowboarding. Come early Spring and the town quietens down, until May when the summer crowds arrive for some fresh mountain air. Similarly the Autumn can be pretty quiet as the academic year begins and the wait for snow begins. During the high season expect throngs of holidaymakers to pack out the pubs and clubs - but during the low seasons you might find yourself partying with the locals alone!


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Tommy Holth from Norway Reply Apr 16th, 2017

You have one "Heaven Night Club" that robbed me for 70.000 zl. My end of my life will be to rip out you heart: Factory Mangaement SP z.o.o MR. Piotr Hawryla: "I have a little gift for your family" !!!

Tommy Holth from Norway May 6th, 2017

Polish Mafia !!

EDMUND BIALEK from United Kingdom Reply Mar 1st, 2017

After reading reviews I had a lucky escape. Stayed 1 beer conned into buying one lady drink as I felt sorry for unattractive girl that joined me Was shown menu where it started 70 zlp but on paying was shown menu stating 70 euro. Payed knowing they probably had henchmen in back ground. This place best described as PITIFUL. Gives these clubs a bad name. Thankfully I had the experience of DOLLS Kiev. Man now there's one hell of a place. Now that place is real HEAVEN. What s more they don't tale your pants down

EDMUND BIALEK from United Kingdom Mar 3rd, 2017

oh boy wish i never put that comment in now, or was much more careful. a strange bizarre accident befell me the next day. resulting in injury. won't elaborate any further. Can't seem to delete it neither. These days of CCTV and facial recognition. like a fool allowed auto fill in too. Gentlemen we must be careful out there. AlwAYS Think Wheels within Wheels.

Dude from United Kingdom Reply Oct 7th, 2016

never go to Zakopane strip clubs - very same experience to below

Paul from Germany Reply Jan 26th, 2016

!!! ACHTUNG ACHTUNG ACHTUNG !!! !!! REINE ABZOCKE !!! Die locken einen mit 50 zl (12 Euro) All you can Drink. Ehe man sich versieht, sitzt ein Mädel neben Dir und fragt ob Du Ihr einen Drink ausgeben kannst. Bevor Du JA gesagt hast, ist der Drink da und Du um 299 zl (70 Euro) ärmer. Dann versucht das Mädel Dir einen Privattanz (1 Stunde ink. 1 Flasche Champus) für 1.600 zl (370 Euro) anzudrehen. Wenn Du das zweite Glas (All you can Drink) bestellst, schauen die Dich schon schief an und das Mädel besteht drauf, dass Du Ihr einen zweiten Drink für weitere 299 zl (70 Euro) ausgibst!!! LEUTE: Es ist Polen und nicht LAS VEGAS!!! Ne Nutte gibt es schon für 30 Euro die Stunde um die Ecke! Also spart Euch den FUCKING HEAVEN CLUB in Zakopane!!!

Tamara from Malta Reply Dec 6th, 2015

Which is the best place to go to for NYE?

Jim from New York from United States Reply May 15th, 2015

Stay Away. I wish I would have seen these reviews BEFORE I got robbed. I had to learn the hard way, but too embarrassed to give you details. Oh, and the cops look like the most likely are in on it.

Anon Reply Mar 4th, 2015

DO NOT GO TO STRIP CLUBS IN ZAKOPANE!!! I am aware of literally 10s of cases similar to the ones below. I work here and it happens regularly to people we come across. Spiked drinks, theft and worse. DO NOT GO!

Keith smith from United Kingdom Reply Feb 18th, 2015

I had a very similar experience to Steve in heaven strip club. I went in at around 10pm and got back to my apartment at 4am apparently (according to friends). I only remember the first hour or so even though I'd only had 3 beers, I'm sure I was spiked as I don't remember anything else. I got a phone call from my bank the next morning to say £2300 had been withdrawn from account and that they had cancelled a transaction for £3700! I thought about going to the police and trying to get my money back but I was too embarrassed to tell my friends and family what had happened. Please don't go to heaven in zakopane!

Jack from United Kingdom Reply Feb 18th, 2015

Was in Heaven strip club and got spiked. Was separated from friends and targeted. Whatever you do, do not go here! Lost around £2,500, all what was in my bank account as they had somehow obtained my pin number. Very dodgy place. Reported to police and they knew all about it, seems like it may be a regular occurrence here. Be very careful in places like these, are best of all, don't go at all!

Steve from United Kingdom Reply Jan 10th, 2015

Don't go to Go Go strip bar, had my drink spiked and was ripped off for £3000 after having a private dance and passing out.. They went through my wallet stole what cash I had and then took note of my PIN number and kept me there until my bank account was empty.

Perth boy from Australia Reply Mar 2nd, 2013

"Cocomo-go go bar" I've check out all these go go bars and was god smacked with the insane prices for private dances, maybe the most expensive prices in the world and I'm not joking!!! One night went to cocomo with my good mate just for look when a blond caught my mates eye, she was incredible and he wanted private dance with her right or wrong so $1500PLN ($462AU) later he got what he wanted. Before the dance we brought girls couple of drunks at 100PLN each then preceded to private dance booths. The private dance comes with champagne and ends when the champagne runs out so they use every trick in the book to empty your bottle quickly including the bar manager drinking first glass for you. 15minutes later the bottle is empty and they wanted $500PLN for another bottle to continue. Zakopane is cheap place for ski holiday, everything is cheap but don't go there for adult entertainment because it'll cost a small fortune.

Adamek from Poland Reply Jan 17th, 2012

Hello, maybe you are advising people and tourists to visit the nightclub/disco gogo name Club Cocomo , located at the top of the main street Krupowki, next to a big sport shop.In my opinion , there is no Cocabana/copacabana disco club in Zakopane.However, like everywhere, that kind of club is trying to get the most of people who get in with the little or bad service provided inside.So, the best would be to stay in normal restaurant/bar/disco/ nightclub with some friends unless you want to risk a lot.

Zach from United States Reply Jan 14th, 2012

Beware of Cocabana - a go-go bar located right on the main strip. Girls in orange jackets will be out at night passing fliers out to drunk groups of males. They host the same scam as many go-go spots in Poland, prepare to pay 200 zl. to buy the girls a water, and 100 zl. for a private session. Had a friend get taken by this scam, but bought his way out of it. Doorman was fairly aggressive about checking coats, and overall avoid this place if possible.

Jerry from United States Reply May 16th, 2011

Bylem w Polsce jedenastej raz or eleven times. Moja zona i ja lubimy Pod Hale, ale especially Zakopane. The Gorale or Highlander music is so unique, similar to that of all the mountain people of Moravia, Slowakia, even extending over to southern Ukraine and even a bit of Romania. The glue is the arc shaped Tatras or Carpathian Mountians. Within say a twenty mile range on each side of this arc from the Czech Republic to Romania, one will find similar music. Do a search on the Highlander music of the Tatras. To me, it is one of the best kept secrets in Europe. In fact, tune into www.RadioAlex.plin Zakopane to taste this musical genre. It is one genre and area of Poland that has not been totally Westernized so to speak. Poland has a wonderful folk music heritage , but it is so sad to see this dying. I can hear all the hip hop and rap crap I want in the States. Also, the skiing is not too bad. It is not Lake Tahoe or Colorado,but I found it to be fun and even challenging on certian slopes. Also, cycling is a joy. There are so many road, trails, country paths to investigate, and Poland seems to be a bicycle friendly country and no dogs chase a bicylist, at least in my experience. The food is exceptional (try zurek or golanka, etc.) and the Polish beers are a delight.Poland needs a better PR program. Jescze Polska nie zginila!! Poland forever. Please read this country's rich but tragic history. Jestem Polakiem na Pol which means I am half Polish only, but I am proud of my nawisko or last name. However , jestem Amerykaninem or an American, but part of moja serce or heart will always be in Poland. Jerry Halkoski Oconomowoc, WI Stanow

Ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply May 11th, 2011

Hello, for your information, all discotheques/nightclubs/bar clubs in Zakopane are located in the High Street (Krupowki)or nearby within walking distance.There are many Clubs listed above and more: Ampstrong, Va Va Voom, Rockus, Prestige, Finlandia, Genesis, Morskie Oko, Paparazzi, Watra.All clubs have their own style , ambience and music atmosphere.So,the best for you is to walk in each one and check if you like the atmosphere, decoration, music.Hope it helps.

Mateusz from New Zealand Reply May 11th, 2011

I'm going there in July what are the best places to go to?

Sam from United Kingdom Reply Mar 30th, 2010

Looks like there's fun to be had! CUthere!

Stan from United States Reply Feb 26th, 2010

Looking forward to checkin out some of these clubs!

Margaret from United Kingdom Reply Feb 11th, 2010

If anyone would like clubing in Zakopane must go to "Finlandia", that's the best place i have been in January, new bartenders are serving the best drinks, have fun

Steve from United Kingdom Reply Jan 27th, 2010

Looking forward to partying with the lads in Zakopane. We're on our way!

Gary from United Kingdom Reply Jul 27th, 2009

Will be there with the lads for some mash up. Are we ravin' or behavin'? What do you thionk?!

Stan from United States Reply May 27th, 2009

Am lookin forward to checkin out the clubs in Zakopane! I heard the girls are cute

karl schiele from United Kingdom Reply Feb 27th, 2009

when l was in zakopane my 2 year old son daniel hasnt stopped saying zakopane. l loved it l am going again l am proud to have the zakopane blood from my dad and grandad

nuno from Slovak Republic Reply Feb 18th, 2009

i didnt like it very much

karl schiele from United Kingdom Reply Jan 30th, 2009

l was in zakopane l got to see my grandads tadeusz schiele grave. and he is buried along with his father kazimierz. l never meet him as he died when l was young. l am glad that l got to see where he lived in zakopane. zakopane is the most beautiful countrys in the world.

karl schiele from United Kingdom Reply Dec 4th, 2008

thank you aneta. l enjoyed was beautiful there l am going back again.

Aneta from United Kingdom Reply Oct 2nd, 2008


karl schiele from United Kingdom Reply Jun 13th, 2008

sorry l live in london not in amercia

karl schiele from United Kingdom Reply Jun 13th, 2008

l am going to zakopane in augest look forward to it as its my first time.

from United Kingdom Reply Jun 13th, 2008

l am going to zakopane in augest look forward to it as its my first time.

karl schiele from United Kingdom Reply Jun 13th, 2008

zakopane is home of my father and grandfather

KARL SCHIELE from United States Reply May 6th, 2008

Sorry my last comments. Have too much hash.

Blaine H from Canada Reply Jan 27th, 2008

Introduced to Zakopane by my wife. She grew up in a nearby town before moving to Canada. Myself, I lived near Banff, Alberta,one of Canada's premier resort towns and Zakopane is always the highlight of our annual trip throughout Europe.A definite must see!

KARL SCHIELE from United Kingdom Reply Dec 6th, 2007


KARL SCHIELE from United States Reply Dec 6th, 2007


Avila from United Kingdom Reply Jan 24th, 2007

My god, I'm just reading about Zakopane after my Polish friend recommended it and I'm just bursting to get there. Is it far from the airport and what about being child friendly. Have a five year old who shares his mothers desire to have a go at skiing. Bring it on! By the way, wonderful site.

Keith Evans from United Kingdom Reply Dec 29th, 2006

Ampstrong seems to be the place where it is all happening, as far as I could see. Check out the posters around town. Lots of smaller clubs and pubs on Krupowki as well (the main street) so no need to go too far for some serious apres-ski or party action!