Vilnius Services A - Z

This is a full, alphabetical directory of all the services in Vilnius, listed on Local Life.

Ad Gloriam Translation Agency    Translation

All your translation needs... 

0 reviews

Avis    Car&Transport

Escape to Vilnius with Avis 

1 review

Bus Station    Bus Station

Ich komme mit dem Bus 

10 reviews

Jaunimo Perspektyva    Language

Learn the language! 

0 reviews

Jogle    Laundry

Clean yourself up 

3 reviews

Lotus Thai    Massage

Find your place of relaxation 

0 reviews

Paradize    Tattoo

Promised land for tattoo lovers 

2 reviews

Parking Services    Parking

Good luck, gringo 

2 reviews

Plastimeda    Plastic Surgery

Professional and experienced plastic surgeons provide aesthetic and reconstructive services  

5 reviews

Tourist Information    Bike Rental

A bit more hands-on (and bikes!) 

2 reviews

Train Station    Railway Station

Hey, it's better than the bus station 

5 reviews

Velo-City    Bike Rental

Get off 2 legs and onto 2 wheels 

0 reviews

Vilnius Airport    Airport

This bird has flown 

6 reviews

Vis Unita    Beauty

Be yourself. Be Beautiful. 

0 reviews
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