Poznan Restaurants A - Z

This is a full, alphabetical directory of all the restaurants in Poznan, listed on Local Life.

77 Sushi    Japanese

A sushi lover's paradise 

0 reviews

Ali Baba    Middle Eastern

Ali Baba and the forty dishes 

3 reviews

Bar Mammamija    Light bites

Hip and fast 

0 reviews

Bar Wegetyrianski    Vegetarian

Vegetarian fare for tiny prices 

0 reviews

Bazanciarnia    Polish

Perfect marriage of taste and price 

0 reviews

China Bar    Chinese

Quick stop for quality Chinese 

0 reviews

China Town    Chinese

Chinese food fast 

0 reviews

Chlopskie Jadlo    Polish

Popular Polish restaurant comes to Poznan 

7 reviews

Cocorico    Cafe

Olde worlde charm 

0 reviews

Credo    European

International inspiration 

0 reviews

Crime Story    Restaurant

Crime pays 

0 reviews

Cymes    Jewish

Tackling the great divide 

0 reviews

Dark Restaurant    Novelty

Dark delights 

7 reviews

Delicja    Restaurants


0 reviews

Delicja    Polish

Top end dining at top end prices 

0 reviews

Dom Vikingow    Danish

A bit of everything 

21 reviews

Dramat    Polish

Sweet or savoury? 

5 reviews

Duetto Trattoria    Italian

Mama Mia! Buenissimo! 

1 review

Fusion    Fusion

Gourmet fusion cuisine in the Sheraton 

0 reviews

Green Way    Vegetarian

Take the Green Way 

0 reviews

Hugo    Spanish

A touch of class 

0 reviews

Klepsydra    Pizzeria

Blast from the past 

0 reviews

Kresowa    Polish

Big on tradition and taste 

0 reviews

Kwadrat    Vegan

Meat-free zone 

0 reviews

Le Palais du Jardin    Mediterranean

Palais of culture 

0 reviews

Madagaskar    African

Culinary alchemy 

0 reviews

Mezzoforte    European

Drink, dine and dance 

0 reviews

Oberza Pod Dzwonkiem    Polish

Like mom used to make - with grandma's recipes 

1 review

Pastela    Mediterranean

Connoisseurs' choice 

0 reviews

Pekin    Chinese

Oriental delights 

1 review

Piano Bar    Italian

Play it again... 

0 reviews

Piccolo    Italian

Spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti 

10 reviews

Pieprz Wanilia    Polish

Unexpected fusion delights 

0 reviews

Plac Wolnosci    Landmark


0 reviews

Proletaryat    Cafe

Workers, unite! 

0 reviews

Pruderia    Restaurants


0 reviews

Ptasie Radio    Cafe

Caffeine heaven 

0 reviews

Pyra Bar    Polish

Spuds you like 

0 reviews

Restauracja Ratuszova

Traditional Polish cuisine in the Old Town 

0 reviews

Saloon    International

A tidy little place 

0 reviews

Telepizza    Pizzeria

Mozzarella musketeers to the rescue 

1 review

Terapia    International

Food therapy 

0 reviews

The Mexican    Mexican

Burrito a go-go! 

9 reviews

Tivoli    Pizzeria

Tip top toppings 

2 reviews

Tosca Spaghetteria    Polish

Fill your boots 

2 reviews

U Mnie Czy U Ciebie    European

My Place or Yours? 

0 reviews

Valpolicella    Italian

Posh nosh and close to the action 

4 reviews

Vine Bridge    Polish

Best of both worlds 

3 reviews

Viva Pomidori    Italian

Where Poland and Italy collide 

0 reviews

Wiejskie Jadlo

Traditional Polish fare near the Rynek 

0 reviews

Zagroda Bamberska    Polish

Eat and sleep, Poznań style 

0 reviews
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