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There's a vague assumption that the gastronomic repertoire east of Vienna doesn't stray much beyond the ubiquitous beetroot. Think again. Polish cuisine is a rich and rewarding galaxy to explore, and if you know where to go you won't be disappointed. Poznan's restaurant scene is expanding all the time and you won't have any problem finding a decent spot. There's also plenty of room to chop 'n' change, with Italian, International and Oriental options now in play. Service may not always be lightening quick, but gone are the days when smiles were a rare phenomenon.

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Top rated restaurants in Poznan

Dark Restaurant

Dark delights

Novelty     Old Town

Vine Bridge

Best of both worlds

Polish     Nowe Miasto

Ali Baba

Ali Baba and the forty dishes

Middle Eastern     Old Town


Spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti

Italian     Old Town

Chlopskie Jadlo

Popular Polish restaurant comes to Poznan

Polish     Old Town


Sweet or savoury?

Polish     Old Town


Posh nosh and close to the action

Italian     Old Town

Bar Wegetyrianski

Vegetarian fare for tiny prices

Vegetarian     Old Town

Oberza Pod Dzwonkiem

Like mom used to make - with grandma's recipes

Polish     Old Town

Tosca Spaghetteria

Fill your boots

Polish     City Centre West


Oriental delights

Chinese     Old Town


Tip top toppings

Pizzeria     Old Town


Mozzarella musketeers to the rescue

Pizzeria     City Centre West


Gourmet fusion cuisine in the Sheraton

Fusion     Old Town


Food therapy

International     Old Town


Blast from the past

Pizzeria     Old Town

China Town

Chinese food fast

Chinese     Old Town

China Bar

Quick stop for quality Chinese

Chinese     City Centre

77 Sushi

A sushi lover's paradise

Japanese     Old Town

Bar Mammamija

Hip and fast

Light bites     Old Town


A touch of class

Spanish     Jeżyce

Le Palais du Jardin

Palais of culture

Mediterranean     Old Town

Viva Pomidori

Where Poland and Italy collide

Italian     Jeżyce


Olde worlde charm

Cafe     Old Town


International inspiration

European     Old Town


Big on tradition and taste

Polish     Old Town

Ptasie Radio

Caffeine heaven



Top end dining at top end prices

Polish     Old Town

Piano Bar

Play it again...

Italian     Old Town

U Mnie Czy U Ciebie

My Place or Yours?



Perfect marriage of taste and price

Polish     Old Town


Drink, dine and dance

European     Old Town


Tackling the great divide

Jewish     Old Town


Meat-free zone

Vegan     Old Town

Green Way

Take the Green Way



Culinary alchemy

African     Old Town

Zagroda Bamberska

Eat and sleep, Poznań style

Polish     Grunwald

Pieprz Wanilia

Unexpected fusion delights

Polish     Old Town

Pyra Bar

Spuds you like

Polish     Old Town


Workers, unite!

Cafe     Old Town

Crime Story

Crime pays

Restaurant     Old Town


Connoisseurs' choice

Mediterranean     Old Town

Wiejskie Jadlo

Traditional Polish fare near the Rynek

Restauracja Ratuszova

Traditional Polish cuisine in the Old Town

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