Light Route (Lichtjesroute)


18-09-2017 until 08-10-2017 Across the city

The Light Route is an Eindhoven tradition that goes back to 1945. After the liberation in 1945 Eindhoven citizens placed candles and lightbulbs, in a true Eindhoven way. To commemmorate our liberation since 1984 this tradition is repeated yearly in a modern way. Nowadays hundreds of thousands of light bulbs, LED's and other lamps are used to illuminate a 22 km route through the city. Several dozens of volunteers are involved to entertain over 200.000 people who cycle, drive or walk this route of light. Every year new ornaments are added to the route and the beauty of light amazes every visitor over and over again. Enjoy this year's 33rd edition of the Lichtjesroute, let yourself be surprised and 'do' the route!

The lights are on from:
Sunday - Thursday: 7-10.30pm
Friday & Saturday: 7-11.30pm

Note that most of the lights go on at the same time as the street lights (this is fully automated), so they won't be on until 8pm or so in September, this will be earlier in October.

Other celebrations to remember Liberation Day take place on September 18th.

Light Route (Lichtjesroute)

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