Peace Culture Festival


17-09-2017 Klokgebouw

The Art of Living proudly presents..

Peace Culture Festival (PCF) - The most happening event of the year in Eindhoven, will bring waves of happiness, peace and connectivity to all.

The PCF is a one day festival which aims to bring people from diverse cultural backgrounds, both locals and the international community, together under one umbrella to promote peace and well-being. It will connect people heart to heart. We illustrate peace through

  1. Social/community activities,
  2. Science and technology,
  3. Spirituality,
  4. Ethics and
  5. Art &Music

by engaging performances by artists from various cultural backgrounds; discussions on peace with representatives from political, art & social organizations; yoga; spiritual & happiness workshops; music and food. We are collaborating with the city office (Gemeente), the Peace Office Eindhoven and the Global Consciousness Office. We wholeheartedly welcome schools, cultural groups, companies & organizations, restaurants & food lovers and individuals to sign up, be on stage and volunteer in this festival. It is a festival for ALL We will create an atmosphere to promote positive and respectful dialogue to understand each other’s differences and similarities. We offer concrete actions we can all take in our own communities to create, motivate and exponentially grow peace in our own neighborhoods, which will extend ultimately further to other parts of the world.

Entry: Free, and on donation basis for humanitarian projects

So...LET’S MAKE NOISE FOR PEACE! Wish to join us or get involved? Contact us!

Peace Culture Festival

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