Napalm Death + Brujeria + Power Trip


21-05-2017 Dommelstraat 2

Brutal metal triple A line up with grind legends Napalm Death, Brutal latino metalheads Brujeria and Power Trip.

Napalm Death: “We’re Napalm Death from Great Barr. At your service!” - A service they have been delivering since 1981. Ok, not always in the same sit-in; nobody of the original members is still part of the band, but this group has had some serious metal scene-heroes in it's base. Ever since the 90s, the sit-in has been stable and every album they release is at the top of the grind core records of that year.

Brujeria: this extreme metal band has had members from Fear Factory, Napalm Death and Faith No More in their 'gang' and once upon a time Jello Biafra even screamed on some records. You wouldn't be able to tell though, since the band is always masked like a Mexican drug cartel.

Power Trip: "Pit-Perfect Trash' is how Loudwire described the new record 'Nightmare Logic' - we couldn't agree more so we simply copied this opinion.

Napalm Death + Brujeria + Power Trip

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