Club Bamboo

Club Bamboo
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Club Bamboo
Tuzla 50, Bucharest, Romania

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Editor's review

Possibly the hardest club to get into in Bucharest; bring at least one supermodel under each arm if you want to get your foot in the door. Should you succeed, you'll find you've entered a world devoid of any sense of reality. Incredibly rich Romanians come here to flex their egos, show-off last year's laughable Italian fashion and impose their self-importance over whatever may be happening around them. Despite the initially nauseating sense of excess and wealth, the atmosphere is actually pretty low-key. Music is at an adequate volume to inspire a little shakedown, but quiet enough to facilitate flirtatious conversation. Generally, free entrance, but there is a cover charge if a major international DJ is headlining. Open Thurs-Sat, 23:30-6:00.

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A message from Club Bamboo

Every city in the world has its one emblematic hot spot. A place that becomes the main attraction for generations of beautiful people and the center of their nightly desires. In Bucharest, that special place is Bamboo Club.
Founded in 2002, Bamboo is the first and the biggest club belonging to the stately Bamboo Group. Shortly after it was opened, it became the most famous club in Romania, but also the main destination for tourists from all around the world.
Designed to impress through its amazing décor, music and dancing shows, Bamboo has been hosting a great number of concerts with international known artists: Ciara, Pitbull, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott, Missy Elliott, Eve, Joe Cocker, Fat Joe, X-Zibit, Jay Sean, Nadia Ali, Amerie, Shaggy, Fatman Scoop, Kelly Rowland and many others..

Club Bamboo

Club Bamboo


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Oscar Daniele from Italy Reply Jul 23rd, 2017

Sorry i know i am on the wrong area but i would like to know how if someone know more information about the New Bamboo which they re-open again and i would like to know how it look like !

Adela from Russia Reply Jan 22nd, 2017

Good bye Bamboo. Sorry to hear you've burned down. Hope to see you again soon, even better

Karam from Egypt Reply Apr 11th, 2016

As my experience in bar in abroad I saw the bar of bamboo is good in way of the atmosphere going around I will visit soon

Denise from France Reply Feb 2nd, 2016

I went here with my husband a few months ago, the club is very nice, women are beautiful but the men...:)))i don't know what they are trying to prove. In this club most of the men in their 30s dress like teenagers, trying to show off the marks of their clothes. Ridiculous.. After, I finally saw a table with normal people with normal clothes but nope...they were turkish. And I think they were making fun of the same things as we were. So really all the local men were ridiculous, not to mention the neverending selfies with the bottles of Moet. Probably the effets of the comunism

Joana from United States Reply Jan 10th, 2016

I like to know if me and my husband like to get in there ..we not supermodels but we attractive people like to dance but middle age ..Don't waist our time will not let us inside ???? We want to see it from a few years now ,

Guest Reply May 31st, 2015

i here a lot about bamobo, from one of my naughty friend. going to london in aug i will drop in bamboo for fews night. looking forward to there my friend i would sure join y.

Guest Reply May 7th, 2015

Brilliant !

Guest Reply Apr 27th, 2015

Awesome !

Mike from United Kingdom Reply Feb 5th, 2015

Can be brilliant ! Depends on the crowd on the night.... def worth a try

Mr Rearguard from United Kingdom Reply Feb 4th, 2015

Once after a session in the gym I tipped up here still in my gym kit and I hadn't had a wash either. A right proper smelly f**ker I was that night but I still got in without any problems.

Sam from United Kingdom Reply Jan 19th, 2015

Bamboo is one of those places that can either be awesome or a damp squib, depending on who is playing the set. I've been here twice and it has been so-so, nothing incredible, so I am giving it a 4.

Guest from United Kingdom Reply Jan 2nd, 2015

Party on !!!!!!

Guest Reply Jun 17th, 2014

This place is heaving !

Marek from Poland Reply May 28th, 2014

They have quite a lot of excellent live acts visiting Bamboo.

Patrice from Austria Reply May 14th, 2014

music is ok but not more. the prices for drinks are much more cheaper than in other clubs ob other capitals like rome, moscow or london. the girls are really hot and very open minded. no problem to get to know one. most of them are looking like cheap girls - but i liked it. the men are ridiculous. the style of their clothes are a disgrace and they think its cool to show everybody how "rich" they are when they afford a bottle of moet. but its funny to look at them.

Ivanov from Bulgaria Reply Jan 8th, 2014

of course it seems to be a table for 2 if you are 16... :))) I hear this all the time anywhere... if you want to have a table for 8 and for everybody to have a "space"...than go to a restaurant ! :)))) you are supposed to dance in a club, not to sit. About the drinks... I guess it's normal for them to wait for you with bottles on your table in the near year party... do you want to have all you menu on the table to keep what you like? :))

andrea from United Kingdom Reply Jan 1st, 2014

ill be very short it was first time there for new year party you pay some money for a table for 8 you get a table for 2 and other people eventually come sit on those 2 spaces too...they say u drink what u want but they bring u bottles they want... music before 12:00 was horrible after that was ok... i hope that all happened cause new year and you do not cheat people usually

Mark from United Kingdom Reply Dec 19th, 2013

I will be there to celebrate NYE! :D

Miss from Austria Reply Dec 13th, 2013

Crazyyy!! Love it!

Alecsa from United States Reply Dec 13th, 2013

Awesome place to be!

Jake from United Kingdom Reply Nov 20th, 2013

OMG this place is on fire!

Martin from United Kingdom Reply Aug 2nd, 2013

Full of strange people - some are rich but most have just put on their best clothes and have no money to even buy more than one drink. However, what you will find here are incredibly sexy girls and if you know how to behave like a gentleman (not difficult when you see what competition you are up against), well you just might have an awesome time. Having said all this, some nights are much better than others. Watch their website and pick the big parties is my tip.

Mario from Argentina Reply Jul 9th, 2013

My favourite place in the whole of Europe! You will always find a friendly crowd here who know how to partyyyyyyy !

Marcus from Germany Reply Jun 27th, 2013

One of the best clubs in Europe - simple! Just go (and dress smart to get in)

Jan from Germany Reply May 20th, 2013

Off the charts!

DJ lover from Germany Reply May 7th, 2013

This place is unbelievable!

Jake from New Zealand Reply Apr 23rd, 2013

This place is rocking!

Katie from United Kingdom Reply Apr 3rd, 2013

That's my kinda place. Can I be one of your supermodels?!

Ilse from Netherlands Reply Mar 8th, 2013

Great video! :-)

Guest Reply Mar 5th, 2013


Will from United Kingdom Reply Mar 5th, 2013

This place looks incredible! Gotta go!

JimBoy from United Kingdom Reply Feb 13th, 2013

Trashy music and dumb supermodels. My kinda place!

Diana from Netherlands Reply May 16th, 2012

bamboo club bucharest, probably one of the most notorious one of the many.. but I have to say that since it has gained the name and the notoriety the owners have no need in service improvement . The music is awful, the song are repeating very 30 min which can bearable if the quality of the sound wouldn't put you trough a terrible headache. Quality of drinks served at the tables is also very poor. So, if you have a choice, choose for another club in Bucharest.

benjamin from France Reply Apr 13th, 2012

its really good club if u want to see beautiful girls ans show ur money, but its sure its not the best club in europe....dont forget IBIZA...after depends if u want to have fun and listen commercial music or if u want to listen some good music...

Iuliana Arsene from Romania Reply Mar 21st, 2012

Bamboo it's a posh club where unfortunately you cannot have that much fun as everybody is more focused on what are you wearing, what you drink or if you have the best table

Ina from Romania Reply Oct 13th, 2011

the best in Europe! The elite Romanian people go there. dres code is mandatory : don;t allow with sportswear or snikers or cap , no matter how rich u r. Free entrance but normal or less rich people don't go there bcause they just don't feel ok in their shoes there, so it's a "natural" self-selection Don't have to come with a supermodel, anyway Romanian women are very beautiful like topmodels. all ppl that come there spend "some money" at the bars and at the tables (very much actualy). this is the truth . I've been to "some" clubs , best in Miami, Cape Town, London, Paris, Italy. Have some films with them on youtube.( - my channel) from Far Bamboo Club Bucharest is the finest !

George Eller from United Kingdom Reply Sep 5th, 2011

well if they are rich its a very poor mans rich club better clubs in Kiev and Prague and if you really want to party get to England you will soon forget about club what in Bucharest,

paris from Albania Reply Feb 23rd, 2011

i am very good barman and i use to work everywhere in europe but like bamboo i never sow nowhere. is number 1 in europe. fantastic

Jake from United Kingdom Reply Dec 17th, 2010

It was pretty good!

Mr Rearguard. from Romania Reply Dec 6th, 2010

I once turned up here wearing an old Adidas tracksuit which was covered in paint because I was doing a job and they still allowed me in to Bamboo. I stood at the bar and I was the only one buying drinks. All the so called Rich Romanians had one little cocktail shared between 4 friends and made it last 6 hours!!! Again, Romanians only wear FAKE designer gear!

ME from United Kingdom Dec 13th, 2013

Bullshit! :)) You must be a little frustrated man:))

Laurent from France Reply Jul 23rd, 2010

N°1 en europe

Stefan from Belgium Reply Mar 30th, 2010

absolutely the best to find in Bucharest... Really incredible club. First time i came in i just didn't know what was happening, i was just too amazed...

Serge from Belgium Reply Jan 26th, 2010

Un club vraiment génial... Le meilleur!!

Julien from Switzerland Reply Dec 2nd, 2009

the most best beautifull club in the world

Alma from Romania Reply Oct 10th, 2009


from Netherlands Reply Apr 21st, 2009

its the best! bamboo no1

withheld from Cyprus Reply Feb 11th, 2009

Just seen Jah Rule at Bamboo Feb '09, he stunk, the club and the dancers were very impressive, and only half of it was open. I cant wait to see it when its rocking!!

Stefan from Austria Reply Sep 1st, 2008

Bamboo really rulez - but there is a new club just next door - which recently opened which is also very very very good (not fratelli) cu stefan

Stefan from Austria Reply Jul 17th, 2008

Club Bamboo is definitely the best place to party in europe!!!

Bucharest Life from Romania Reply Jan 22nd, 2008

So you know, that really inviting swimming pool is sadly off-limits during club hours...

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