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Is there a place to store luggage at the train station? If so, where, cost, etc? Thanks!

Zakopane Train Station

Zakopane railway station is finally receiving the much awaited complete refurbishment , also the new road structure from Kraków to Zakopane . This new layout is a huge investment and a massive piece of engineering . The new road and rail network feature huge pillars and tunnels cutting through the mountains. It's due to be completed next year . This is truelly a magnificent piece of engineering

Zakopane Train Station

Are there Any trains from Zacopane that run south? On my way to Budapest . Any info ? Thanks !

Zakopane Train Station

Train is interesting, modern and cheap, and you can getup and walk around. It cost £40 for 5 people. If you are a student, remember student ID.

Zakopane Train Station

Debating whether to get a bus or a train from Krakow. Any ideas? Thanks !

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Zakopane Train Station