Hostels in Vienna

The Vienna accommodation that tends to get in the press is of a particular kind. Namely, grotesquely grand hotels that come dripping with gold - the sort of place where P Diddy would come into his own.

But you don't need to be a prince - real or rap - to enjoy Vienna. On the contrary, Vienna has a vast student population, and as the capital of Austria, it lays on the best entertainment in the country, whether it's bars and clubs you're after or film festivals, art shows and other cultural cuts. And the good news is that hostels are spread across the city, with more and more new numbers joining the fray.

If you're backpacking round Europe, Vienna should get your vote. Besides plenty of homely hostels, eating cheap is a pleasure in this sausage guzzling city. Every corner has a wurst stand, and hip hangouts such as the Naschmarkt and neighbouring Schleifmuhlgasse are lined with pit-stops for the peckish traveller, be you vegan or vulture.