Language Schools in St Petersburg

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Bolshaya Morskaya 3
per. Transportny 11, 5th floor

2. Liden & Denz

1 review
39, Ispytatelei Prosoekt, Miller Center, Block C, 197372, Saint Petersburg, Russia

3. EducaCentre

2 reviews

Reviews about Language Schools in St Petersburg

I attended their intensive program for three weeks in September 2019, and found it to be very rewarding. The school was responsive to my specific needs, and the teachers were professional and encouraging. I would recommend this school to anyone looking to learn Russian.

United States,
EDUCA Russian Language Center

This was an excellent experience and an outstanding course. Definitely worth the trip. I enjoyed the school and would recommend it to my friends.

EDUCA Russian Language Center

EDUCA language school is amazing! I came to St. Petersburg to learn Russian and their excellent teachers helped me a lot! My language skills have improved very much! I`m sure I went to one of the best language schools in the world! Absolutely recommended.

EDUCA Russian Language Center

The course content was accommodating to the needs and wants of the students. My teacher was also very good and as a result, I have a lot of improvement. I lived in a host family, everything was good, I loved my family. They did a lot for me and were very understanding. The distance was far, but I did not mind. My stay in general was wonderful I never had any problems. Everything was fun and I made many friends. I also loved the laid-back atmosphere. Saint Petersburg is beautiful, very friendly for a big city. Will definitely come back if I can.

United States,
EDUCA Russian Language Center

I would like to thank you for your kind attention and guidance during my stay in Saint Petersburg, and throughout the duration of the course. I feel compelled to commend you and the staff for both professionalism and quality of the program. As a language teacher myself, I found that both teachers were highly qualified and came up with very good exercises, for both grammar and reading, coaxed us into conversing in class, and kept a clear sense of the order on which it would benefit us most to cover the contents. I am happy to say that thanks to Educa Centre I not only feel my Russian skills improved but also have a sheer drive to continue studying on my own and take classes in Russia yet again whenever my schedule allows it. Congratulations on a job well done, and again my most sincere commendation for your excellent teachers.

Costa Rica,

No refunds even in case of emergency. Also they say that they have groups of all levels, but actually they don't- you'll be alone.

United Kingdom,
EDUCA Russian Language Center

My teachers, Ksenia was amazing. She helped me start speaking Russian since the first day. I was lucky to be alone the first few days, so I got extra attention and the result was amazing. Vladimir was also a very good teacher. He helped me a lot with conversations about everyday topics: religion, politics, traveling, education, etc. I requested that and he did great. And finally, about my accommodation. The place was amazing, and the location was great for the school, so I was in general very happy. Daria was nice to me and in general she helped me with anything I would need. I learnt a lot, I loved the school, and I loved the city. So again, thank you very much to the whole EducaCentre team.


The course was absolutely fantastic! Themes and lessons were very very interesting. Teachers were very kind and always gave attention to my individual needs. Everything was perfect

EDUCA Russian Language Center

The organization was amazing, everything worked very well. I'm very pleased with the teachers and the syllabi at the course. After finishing my studies my Russian is certanly improved and now I can even communicate with native speakers. Also I met so many wonderful people there and now I have friends all around the World. I'm gonna miss this time, hope to come back soon!

EDUCA Russian Language Center

enjoyed a wonderful russian language course with liden and denz. mate some lifelong friends and gained some great memories and experiences... I miss Russia and especially st. petersburg so much!

United States,
Liden & Denz