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Bolshoy Prospekt 35

1. Mirage Cinema

3 reviews

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Terrible! I suffer from a slight paralysis after a stroke in my childhood and need a crutch to walk. At the theatre I was told I wasn’t welcome because “I could scare other visitors”! Never been so humiliated in my life and obviously I shall never come back.

Mirage Cinema

What is this - a joke? Have just been there this afternoon to cach a movie with nothing else to do, but there were NO ENGLISH language movies!!! We were so dissapointed... Add to this that absolutely nobody spoke a word of English there. Looked like a nice place though.

United States,
Mirage Cinema

Great place to spend a whole evening - see a film, have a drink, play some pool, all in one building - brilliant!

United Kingdom,
Mirage Cinema