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Dear friends, I am searching for ANDREJ LISIN. He was a student of LIKI untill 1989. After that time he was living in Pushkinskaya 10. May be Andrej Tscherschin (photographer) can help? This name I got from the painter Tatyana Usova as I was in Siberia this summer. THANX a lot!!!! JUTTA from BERLIN in Germany

Pushkinskaya-10 Art Centre

Has ANYONE actually been to one of the galleries? I went there twice- when the place was supposedly open, and found nothing but a labyrinth of dark lanes and locked doors. I suspect these folks are pretending to run a cultural centre to justify themselves. Seriously- what legitimate venue would make themselves so inaccessible?

Pushkinskaya-10 Art Centre

P-10 is the centre of artistic activity in St. Petersburg. Check it out. I love Fish Fabrique too - it's so cool. Can't wait to come back to St. petersburg:)))))))))

Pushkinskaya-10 Art Centre