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Szent István krt. 11.

1. Morrison's 2

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RACIST and NOTHING TO DO WITH IRELAND DESPITE THE NAME AND COLOURS ON THE SIGN! - This is the worst pub/club I have ever been in. I was in here around 4 hours before I realised they were racist. It was a Monday night, and was 1/2 price drinks, although the extremely unfriendly barmaid initially tried to charge full price. Hours later I was ordering 2 beers, when I noticed heinous wooden carvings of 2 black people begging (they had even put some real coins in their outstretched hands!). I took some pictures of this and asked to cancel the beers and immediately walked out - the nasty barmaid, with the doormen (who I have since been told work for BlueTeam Security - and are known locally as Racist and Thugs) followed me up the street demanding I come back and pay for the 2 beers I cancelled - I refused showing the pictures on my phone - one Doorman punched me across the chest - at this stage I walked onto the busy road way so to draw attention to what was happening - they followed me for a bit but eventually gave up - Budapest is a lovely place - but this club and the people who work there are everything that is bad about Budapest.

Morrison's 2

I agree! We returned to Morrison's 2 twice during 4 days in Budapest! Loved the music, the drinks and the people

United Kingdom,
Morrison's 2

Best place i've visited in Budapest so far.

United Kingdom,
Morrison's 2