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1. Szechenyi Baths

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Reviews about Baths in Budapest

We loved this spa. Lockers now operated by an electronic gizmo on your wrist so no need to wait for your belongings. Quieter and nicer than Gellert

Szechenyi Baths

What an amazing place. This is a must-see for any visitors of Budapest. Come here for a relaxing (and authentic) day......

United States,
Szechenyi Baths

fantastic! It took me ages just to wander through the inside, as I kept getting waylaid by yet another sauna, hot tub, cold pool etc etc. best of all is outside though, where there are outdoor pools. Sunbathing on the ground can be a bit uncomfortable (bring a thick towel) but it's always fun to go native. Changing rooms were confusing too, but we got there eventually. Basically get changed, put all your stuff in any locker and then wait til the geezer with the keys comes around to lock up after you... you gotta find him again when you want ur stuff back. Anyway I heard szechenyi baths are the people's favourite in Budapest, so you needn't just take my word for it...

United Kingdom,
Szechenyi Baths