Bangkok Guide

1 Travel tips

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2 Getting to Bangkok

Southeast Asia's hub

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3 Getting around Bangkok

Get around like a pro

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4 Money Matters

The Baht is your friend

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5 Language

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6 Info about Bangkok & Thailand

A big city with big history

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About the guide

Bangkok is a complete mixture of old and new, traditional and modern, young and old, rich and poor. Because of the diversity within the city, even contrasting the local existence with the prevalence of tourism, there’s always something new to see around each corner. Visiting Bangkok offers a wealth of choices when it comes to how extravagant you want to be. Because the city is relatively inexpensive for Western visitors, some choose to take advantage of this to save money, while others use the rare opportunity to splurge. Skip directly to some of the sections below, or browse dozens of listings on the top of the page.

Eating in Bangkok - Local flavors will dance on your palate and an eclectic mix of other cuisines from around the world will satisfy any craving.

Shopping in Bangkok - Malls. Malls. Malls. And street vendors galore! It’s impossible not to shop in this city, whether you prefer upscale or cheap.

Culture in Bangkok - What street you’re on will determine what culture you’re exposed to - a distinct tourist culture exists in Bangkok, but there are also plenty of pockets where “authentic” Thai nouns can be enjoyed.

A Walking Tour

Bangkok is not a walking city for the faint-hearted. Walking within neighborhoods is certainly possible, but covering the whole city on foot is quite ambitious, which is why it is advisable to take advantage of the convenient BTS public transportation system that runs frequently and services pretty much all major destinations. In that vein, walking Bangkok can be fantastic because it gives you a chance to really understand the layout of the city and how each neighborhood transitions into each other. For more information on specific neighborhoods, check out our article on Bangkok neighborhoods. Some of the best walking resources include the very handy Nancy Chandler maps, which are easy-to-use maps that will lead you around the city and its treasures.


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