Getting around Bangkok

There are innumerable ways to get around Bangkok by foot or with wheels. The Bangkok Mass Transit System (BMTS) runs the very useful BTS, which tourists and locals alike use frequently. A bit cheaper but less of a common mode of transportation to foreigners is by bus, run by the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA). Its website lists schedules and a travel guide. It’s quite common for tourists to utilize tuk-tuks to get around Bangkok, which have negotiable rates. Many locals and daring tourists utilize the ubiquitous motorcycle taxis, which are also priced by negotiation and never hard to come by, just hold on tight! Taxis, too, are not hard to come by, but it is not always easy - particularly in touristy areas - to find a taxi willing to use its meter, which is the legal rule. Instead, many taxi drivers will try haggling. If you have a little patience, wait until one comes along that nods when you say: “Meter?”


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