If you've had enough of all that monkeying about in the mountains then never fear as there's more than enough to get your teeth into back in Zakopane itself. Zakopane may not be the swishest ski-resort in Europe (Comrade Stalin had something of a hand in that), but it is the only one that can lay claim to having been the 'cultural capital' of its nation. True, things have moved on a bit since the golden age, but there are enough echoes of that era to merit a good ferret around Zakopane's museums and galleries. Over the years this little highland town has provided a home for more artists than you could possibly imagine. The greatest Polish composer of the twentieth century century made his home here (Karol Szymanowski) as did the greatest artist (Witkacy) not forgetting the best-loved childrens author (Karol Makuszynski). And that's just the tip of ice-berg. Often these artists wove Highland motifs and legends into their work, whilst the local folk architecture spawned the celebrated 'Zakopane Style'. But enough hype - it's time to go and check it all out for yourselves!

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Top rated culture in Zakopane

Jan Kasprowicz Museum

Zakopane's tribute to a fin-de siecle poet


The Witkacy Theatre

Celebrated Zakopane theatre

Theatre     Town Centre

Zakopane Style Museum

Tribute to a hero and the style he created

Museum     Town Centre

The Tatra Museum

Central branch of Zakopane's museums

Museum     Town Centre

The Wladyslaw Hasior Gallery

Tripped out treasures from the hand of a master

Museum     Town Centre

Karol Szymanowski Museum

Krakow's National Museum Branch

Museum     Town Centre

Tatra National Park Museum

Ecological museum near Kuznice

Museum     Town Centre

Kornel Makuszynski Museum

Biographical museum of much-loved author

Museum     Town Centre

Chocholow Uprising Museum

Historical museum in quaint Highland village

Museum     Further Afield

Antoni Rzasa Gallery of Sculpture

Most interesting art of renowned Polish artist


Jewelry Gallery WW

Crafted from the most traditional of Polish materials

Art Gallery     Town Centre

Tatra Promotion Agency

Promoting Zakopane and the Tatra Region

Promotion     Town Centre
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