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Let's be honest, the Seven Deadly Sins are given a fairly solid showing in Vienna. The Viennese do vanity, gluttony and sloth in splendidly artistic style. No one's going to give you a complex about lounging around in cake-shops or dressing up like Willy Wonka. And whilst it's true that it might be a bit much if every city in the world was like this, variety is the spice of life dear Watson, and Vienna's detachment from reality is a plus point if you're here on holiday. So if you've been saving up for a trip to Vienna, here are a few tips on finding some local gems.

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Top rated shopping in Vienna

Loden Plankl

Loden, lederhosen and legions more

Clothing     Innere Stadt

Meinl am Graben

An epicure's emporium

Delicatessen     Old Town


Promised land for folkloric fashion

Clothing     Innere Stadt


Cocoa-fuelled cracker in Spittelberg

Confectionery     Innere Stadt


Former Imperial tailors

Clothing     Innere Stadt

Altmann & Kuhne

Is small beautiful?

Confectionery     Innere Stadt


Art books, postcards, calendars and more

Books     Old Town

Das Moebel

Modern design with a twist

Design     Old Town

Wiener Schokoladekonig

A chocolate treasure trove

Confectionery     Innere Stadt

Demel Shop

Sweet nostalgia by the Hofburg

Confectionery     Innere Stadt

The British Bookshop

British bastion of books

Books     Old Town


Dapper clothing from Dantendorfer

Clothing     Innere Stadt

Jungmann and Neffe

Gentlemen's style with Imperial tradition

Clothing     Innere Stadt


Wiener Werkstatte and Art Deco reborn

Design     Innere Stadt


In the pink

Confectionery     Innere Stadt

Freytag und Berndt

Travel books, maps and more

Books     Innere Stadt


X marks the (sweet) spot

Confectionery     Innere Stadt

Josef Kober

Kober's tricks and treats

Toys     Innere Stadt


Through the Looking Glass

Glassware     Innere Stadt

Ernst Brzak

Monstrous shop for the mischievous

Joke Shop     Innere Stadt


Dreamy chocolate den

Confectionery     Innere Stadt


Wave that Wand

Magic     Innere Stadt


Shelf improvement

Books     Innere Stadt

Derby Handschuhe

A handy find for glove aficionados

Gloves     Innere Stadt


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