If you need to hire a car or perhaps track down a translator for an interview with Austria's leading underwater cameraman, click onwards for a few last minute tips. A couple of small steps could help to smooth you sojourn. Here you'll find pointers towards everything from hair-dressers to legal advisors. Naturally, we're hoping that this part of the site won't be a last resort after you've been detained for a heinous crime. That said, 'The Great Vienna Bank Robbery' does have a certain ring to it. But no, enough day-dreaming. After all, we don't even have Phil Collins to help out....

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Wien Westbahnhof

Go West!

Train Station     City Centre West

Flughafentaxi Wien

Airport transfers for Vienna and beyond


Vienna Airport

Boarding pass bitte

Airport     Further Out


Explore the great outdoors....

Car Hire     City Centre South

Vienna Airport Cab

Airport transfers in Vienna


Flughafentaxi Wien CoolCab

Flexible airport taxi & transfer in style - limo, maxi cab and normal cab



Airport transfers in Vienna

Taxi     Airport
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