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Here's a basic map of Vienna to get you started. We're working on a dynamic, zoomable map of Vienna, which we will have up and running shortly. Don't forget to check back soon for it!


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Amiram Berstein from Israel Reply Aug 22nd, 2015

My mom lived in that sity once,long time ago.In 34 seiden gasse.I wish to visit your beautiful sity with my mom,age 89.See you.

Kate from Russia Reply Mar 21st, 2012


Irem Ebru Kuru from United States Reply Dec 25th, 2011

very good

Zdravko from Serbia Reply Dec 22nd, 2011


tsvetozar atanasov from Bulgaria Reply Nov 27th, 2011

it is so nice

judy from United States Reply Nov 20th, 2011

Great help

Santiago Tizon from Guatemala Reply Oct 21st, 2011

Brings plenty of memories. Excellent.

masry from United States Reply Aug 23rd, 2011

very good site

OSAIMA from Austria Reply Jun 25th, 2011

It's amazing

Tsvetelina from Austria Reply Mar 26th, 2011

It is really nice!

Brad from United Kingdom Reply Mar 11th, 2011

Couldn't find the key to the symbols. Clicked on "show all restaurants" - the one I expected was missing. Clicked on "show all hotels" -the one I expected was missing. Not up to much, is it?

Nima sami from United States Reply Sep 28th, 2010


maria aurora rizaba from Philippines Reply Feb 12th, 2010

its fine but im looking for hospitals but its a big help thanks

Lima from United Kingdom Reply Jun 14th, 2009

This map is OK but really needs a lot more places marked on it - to work, guys!

judit lovisek from Slovak Republic Reply Nov 20th, 2008


Adriana from Romania Reply Jun 13th, 2008

I like your map! good job!

Martin from United Kingdom Reply Jun 25th, 2007

can you mark the stadiums on the map please?

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