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Contemporary Bulgarian cuisine is a unique mixture of original, European and Oriental cooking tradition, so both the traditional and international restaurants in Sofia offer a wide variety of delicious adventures! If you'd like to sample typical Bulgarian fare then we recommend monastery gyuvetch (a kind of hearty stew, laden with history), banitza (a cheesy pastry based snack) and of course the emblematic kavarma kebap! See our listings for a brief guide of where to go for the best food in Sofia.

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Top rated restaurants in Sofia


Pizzas, burgers and steaks galore

American     City Centre

Hadjidraganovite Kashti

Traditional Bulgarian food the way it's meant to be

Bulgarian     Sofia North

Pod Lipite

Where tradition means everything...

Bulgarian     Sofia South

Hotel Restaurant Geneva

Cosy and comfortable

European     Sofia West

Otvad Aleiata Zad Shkafa

Beyond the alley, behind the cupboard

International     Downtown

Pizza Lachoni

Beer and pizza heaven!

Pizzeria     Sofia South

The Red House

Yummy pizza and grill

Pizzeria     Sofia East

Da Posednem

All your Bulgarian favourites

Bulgarian     Sofia South

Restaurant Chevermeto

Bulgarian meals and folklore

Bulgarian     Sofia South

Edo Sushi & Teppanyaki Rakovski

Top quality sushi and Asian delicacies made by high class chefs



Authentic Greek Taverna which tempts you with fresh seafood and luscious aromas



Time for a curry ?

Indian     City Centre
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