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Whatever your preference when it comes to going out, rest assured that Sofia has it covered! Quiet cafes, stylish bars, traditional pubs; they're all here, not to mention a wide range of nightclubs to end the night in. The Bulgarian national drink is called rakiya and is a very strong and fiery fruit brandy: the quality varies greatly and it's probably fair to call it an acquired taste! Whether you're favoured tipple is rakiya, beer, wine, or spirits, we've got the lowdown on where to go in Sofia to have a great time.

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Top rated pubs in Sofia

Back Stage

Jazz and Blues 'till Dawn

Live Music     Downtown


Beer, snacks and good music

Pub     Downtown

Swinging Hall

Live jazz, pop and rock !

Live Music     Sofia South


A night club to remember!

Dance Club     Downtown

Hip Hip Library&Bar

Is it a cafe? Is it a library?


Beer Box

Beer among the shipping containers!

Gastropub     Sofia East

The Wrong Bar

Get something right by getting something wrong


Music Club SoundWave

Can you feel the music?

Music Club
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