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Sofia is home to an outstanding array of cultural events, invariably of such high quality and low price that you'll be struggling to see them all unless you're here for a very long time! Mainstays throughout the year include excellent ballet, theatre and modern dance companies, in addition to annual events such as the International Jazz Festival (in November) and Sofia Music Weeks (for 2 months from May). There are several interesting galleries, from the traditional fare of the National Art Gallery to the more contemporary Ledressa Gallery, and the choice of museums on offer is second to none. If you don't think you'll have time to see everything then check our editors' choice for our recommendations!

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Top rated culture in Sofia

National History Museum

Go back in time

Museum     Sofia South

Archaeological Museum

Can you dig it?

Museum     Downtown

Gallery for Foreign Art

Art from outside

Gallery     Old Town

Lessedra Art Gallery

Art attack!

Gallery     Sofia South

Rafaela Art Gallery

Iconic religious art

Gallery     Downtown

Czech Cultural Centre

Czech it out!

Cultural Centre     City Centre
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