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After you've bronzed yourself to perfection and rounded up Sitges' admittedly not extensive list of cultural attractions, most visitors tend to enjoy at least one leisurely evening of browsing the town's excellent range of cloth stores, fashion boutiques and art galleries. Sitges has been a favoured home for creative types for well over a century and you'll find many independent designers, sculptors, artists and crafts people who have (literally) set up shop here - so shoppers are sure to find some unique souvenirs. Naturally there are stores by international labels and brands too, so leave some room in your suitcase for the way back. Like most of Spain shops close around midday for lunch/siesta (normally between 2 and 5pm), but open again in the evenings, which is perfect timing for those returning from the beach to pick up a couple of knick knacks on the way back to their hotel.

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