Kolobrzeg Weather


max. 24°C min. 17°C


max. 24°C min. 16°C


max. 19°C min. 13°C


max. 19°C min. 13°C


max. 19°C min. 14°C

What's the weather in Kolobrzeg like?

‪Since Kolobrzeg is perched right at Baltic's shore, its weather is heavily influenced by the sea's moods.

Over 55% of winds blow from the sea, or along the coast, SW and S in winter, NE, N and W in summer. Wind blowing from the sea is particularly beneficial for therapeutic purposes, as it is saturated with iodine-rich brine

What is characteristic about Kolobrzeg's weather is a low number of extremely hot or cold days. The hottest months are July and August, with the maximum average monthly temperature of 19 and 20°C respectively, and the minimum of 13°C.

Check below for detailed daily weather forecast in Kolobrzeg.


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