Kolobrzeg Entertainment

Sizzling on the beach or lounging in a hotel spa is not everything! As a resort town with long tourist traditions, Kolobrzeg really knows how to keep its guests positively busy. There are obviously water sports galore, including sea fishing and deep sea diving, but also a variety of landlubber attractions: historical sites, nature parks, and recreation facilities. Check out below for a comprehensive list of local Kolobrzeg thrills or contact us. Local Life crew is here to help!  


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Top rated entertainment in Kolobrzeg

Open Air Maritime Museum

A treat for all sea wolf wannabes

Theme Park


Ocean wonders all under one roof


Western Park Ustronie Morskie

A western heritage theme park

Theme Park     Kolobrzeg


A chunk of Kolobrzeg's history


Wild West City

Cowboy city or bust!



Take a breath of sea breeze


Salt Redoubt

A pile of fun in historical walls

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