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City Taxi
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Editor's review

You've spend two hours doing your hair and making yourself pretty ready to hit Budapest's nightlife, when disaster strikes. It starts to rain. No amount of barnet-spray can save you! Help is at hand though. One call to the English-speaking operators at City Taxi and your chariot will be winging its way to your hotel. A man in shirt and tie arrives at your disposal, and hey presto, he whisks you off into the night in his silver machine, whilst you stay as dry as Bond's martini.

Editor & Budapest Local


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Filthy, tobacco-smelling overpriced cars, the drivers are seemingly "Trained" (If Hungarians can be trained to do anything honest) to put the price up over 200% plus in price (9250 HUF for a 2.5 km Journey, not even from the airport), the Drivers are either of Roma lineage or ill-educated villagers with no schooling (and personal hygiene and psychological problems) who become aggressive with passengers if you DON'T give them a minimum 15% tip AFTER overcharging

Also phoning their number and even the controller is unable to ascertain the actual pick-up address, even when you speak Hungarian to them, a company full to the brim of illiterate FIDESZ- Supporting Gypsy village retards.

Reply Mar 4th, 2019

Wrong rating, was meant to be Zero stars, but this site isn't set up correctly for Mobile users when I wrote the original Review.

Reply Mar 4th, 2019
Glenn Barnes

Arrived at Railway Station and got a City Taxi to take us on a less than 7 minute drive to our Hotel. Was charged €25 which I said to driver was an overcharge..our Hotel advised it should have been €10 or €12. What a lovely welcome to Budapest..City Taxi should not be operating..never use them..hope other Buderpest experiences will be better!!!!

Reply Feb 13th, 2019

Absolutely awful! Got in the taxi after the boat ride, went less than 2 miles back into the city on a cold night and the con artist told us to pay 18000 the taxi meter showed 8,000 huf but she said we had to pay 18000 huf because it was 9 pm!! It was a total learning curve I will never ever trust another taxi.

Reply Nov 17th, 2018
United Kingdom

Please email lost phone in the taxi

Reply Apr 15th, 2018

Good luck, the Gypsy Driver probably Stole it and sold it for cigarettes.

Reply Mar 4th, 2019
United Kingdom

Do not use City Taxi in Budapest. The diver's are con artists. Charged more than 5000 HUF for a 2km trip (should have been 1500 max). But gave him the 5k with a while load of other change because i always tip. As I'm getting out he says i only gave him 500. I was pretty sure i hasn't but stupidly gave him the benefit of the doubt. So i used the only other note i had, 10000 florints. He gives me 5000 back, but Indonesian rupees. So sly and relying on the fact most countries use small denominations. Won't happen again. Ruined the trip. Use Uber!!!

Reply Oct 30th, 2016
United Kingdom

Awful taxi. Driver said it's 5000 forint for a ride which is usually not more then 2500! Moreover, we paid with 50 euro note and he gave back 10000 Indonesian rupees which is like 0.7 cents!! Tried to talk to the company and they didn't help us at all, will go to the police tomorrow

Reply Oct 22nd, 2016
United Kingdom

Driver was a con man....Taxi cost 5000Forint, we gave him 10000 Forint and he passed a 5000 Indonesian Rupees Note onto us

Reply Dec 5th, 2012

Hello, today I just got out from a city taxi .. and asked me to pay 7400 forintz for 2,5 km .. I think this is the most expensive taxi I ever been in europe all time .. never been asked to pay that much .. of course I didnt pay him that much .. I gave him 1500 forintz cos i tought it is enough for the time I spent in taxi

Reply May 8th, 2012

no comment....too expensive comapre to other taxi companies.

Reply Jan 22nd, 2011
durant jacques

same issue that below...crazy taxi company !!!

Reply Jan 22nd, 2011
boris bellanger

I did a wrong rating below...should be 0 !!!!

Reply Jan 22nd, 2011
boris bellanger

I wrote a message/claim the 14/02/2009...after almost 2 years I never get an answer. Please do not use this company if you do not want to pay too much !!!

Reply Jan 22nd, 2011

Dimov has right.

Reply Jan 7th, 2011
dime dimov

Taxis in Budapest.We took a taxi from the Buda castle to our hotel which is on the Buda side and it was approx 2km journey.

The first night we paid 3000 forints and the second night 7700 forints by the taxi meter and when we've mentioned that only the night before we have paid 3000 he started geting agressive.. Terrible.Don't use taxis in Budapest unless you have too. Preplan your trip well, particularly when if you have to get from place to place in Budapest not that only you will get robbed but you can get hurt as well.

Avoid them as much as posible.

Reply Oct 7th, 2010
M Hermaan
United States

We took a City Taxi from a restaurant back to our rented apartment late one rainy night. The fare was 1,150 F. I offered the driver a 10,000bill by mistake. He promptly pointed out my mistake. I appreciate and commend his honesty.

Reply Sep 25th, 2010
Fleur Peters

A taxi drive from the train station to the Sziget festival is normally less then 10 euro. We got a taxi driver that asked 94 euro when using the taxi meter. We knew that he was robbing us, but then he started to be very agressive. The police didn't help us after we mentioned the problem.

Reply Aug 28th, 2009
Thord Eriksson

You are the best taxisystem in town! Nice drivers and rates. BUT driver fr City Matyas 16.15 23/3 to Operatta H.

so bad ,take him out from trafic!!!!

He is not good for your name!!

Reply Mar 27th, 2009

Good evening,

I took one of your taxi this evening. He asks me 8970 from Moskava ter to DUTKA AKOS. It is a scandal.Your feedbqck please ....Boris Bellanger

Reply Feb 14th, 2009
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