Southeast Asia's Medical Tourism Hub

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Each year, Bangkok attracts hundreds of thousands of international tourists simply for medical tourism, making it the world’s top destination for it. Thailand is known for its high-quality medical care, state-of-the-art hospitals, and affordable prices for Westerners. Even the Tourism Authority of Thailand has a medical tourism website called Thailand Medical Tourism Portal. Two of the best known local hospitals are Bumrungrad and Bangkok Hospital.

Some of the most popular treatments include laser eye surgery, cosmetic treatments, and dental procedures. Doctors are known to be skilled professionals, many of whom were trained in the United States or Europe. Another bonus of medical care in Thailand at many of these major hospitals is the ease of communication; within the tourism industry, English is known to be a necessary asset in order to communicate with patients.

Another popular medical service for foreigners in Bangkok is immunizations, particularly as they are important in Southeast Asia due to malaria, dengue, and other tropical bugs. One of the top institutions is the Thai Travel Clinic at Mahidol University, which offers low cost vaccines plus a minimal doctor’s fee. The Center for Disease Control lists suggested vaccines for international travelers.

Finally, cutting edge technologies are being developed in Bangkok that appeal to the foreign market and aren’t available outside of the region, in some cases. One example of this is Bangkok Stem Cells, a company that harvests individuals’ cells for healing, disease-prevention, and anti-aging treatments.

As with any medical procedures, always double check the credibility of the institution you are visiting. Contact the Tourism Authority of Thailand with questions.


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