Guide to Massages in Bangkok

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No trip to Bangkok is complete without a Thai massage. Traditional Thai massage techniques are unique to others from around the world. Typically masseuses don’t use oil and the massage is more interactive and athletic, encouraging circulation and stretching. It's easy to find decent, professional hour-long massages that start at around 250 THB (~8 USD) and up. For those who are looking for a different kind of massage that foreign men are known to flocking to Bangkok for, it is not hard to find either. In fact, in this respect, being a foreign woman in Bangkok is easier in ways because women are not targets for this specific niche. A few respectable establishments are listed below:

Soi 11 is one of the most popular streets in town, and spa services are also aplenty. One of the top spots on the street is an oasis from the chaos called Raintree Spa, which also has locations on Soi 15 and Soi 23. Traditional services such as massage and facials are on their menu, but many clients choose packages including several services starting at 1900 THB (~58 USD).

Not far from Soi 11 is The Silk Spa, which has one location on Soi 13. The moment you walk in the door, the spa-like atmosphere will calm you - particularly because each treatment begins with a complimentary foot scrub. A traditional Thai massage runs 350 THB (~10 USD), and a row of chairs is also available for the foot massage, which also includes massaging the head, neck, shoulders, and hands for 300 THB (~9 USD). The staff is friendly and professional and will treat you to a sweet tea before and after your treatment.

Chain massage establishment Lek Foot Massage is a no-frills Thai massage establishment with several locations around town. It’s certainly the best deal in town with a great reputation. For an hour Thai massage, expect to spend 300 THB. But for those who don’t have the time, opt for a shoulder and foot massage for 200 THB.

Finally, a unique kind of spa and massage experience can be found at Bangkok’s own Japanese onsen. Yonomori Onsen charges a 450 THB entry fee for use of the spa, which offers use of different types of showers, baths, and spa services. Massages are an extra fee and must be booked in advance; various scrubs, massages, and compresses are available starting at 350 THB.


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